“A Pilgrim’s Arti” – Cindy Lowe

“The Blacksmith Song” – Francis Brabazon

“The First Morning” – Chris Gray / Francis Brabazon

“The Football Song” – Larry Green / Charles Milne / Alan Berger

“The Friend” – Lyrics by Francis Brabazon

“How Can I Dare” – Jenny Keating

“Keep Me Near” – Cindy Lowe

“Life is a Rainbow” – David Miotke

“Like a Silent Sea” – Ward Parks

“Mehera” – Jaime Newell

“Meherabad, Meherazad” – Bobbi Bernstein

“Now That You’re Beside Me” – Buz Connor

“Ocean of Love” – Bob Holdt

“Oh God Beautiful” – Guru Nanak, Swami Yogananda / Perry and Rick Flinn

“Oh Moon” – Bhau Kalchuri / Kim Witkowski

“Purify Me” – Cathy Haas Riley

“Sea Yarn” – Tony Paterniti / Charles Milne / Francis Brabazon

“Sing a Song of Meher Baba” – Jamie Newell

“Sing a Song of Praise” – Darryl Smith

“The Tavern” – Jim Meyer

“Western Arti” aka “American Arti” – Hank Mindlin

“You Are Like the Rain” – Bob Brown

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