“The Friend”

A Music Video Featuring a Rendition of Francis Brabazon’s “The Friend”


This music video features selected segments from Sahavas with Meher Baba in Myrtle Beach, 1958. The lyrics are from “Let Us the People Sing” by Francis Brabazon. The melody was whipped off in an impromptu fashion by a friend of Mike Levy, visiting the original Society for Avatar Meher Baba meeting place back in the early 70’s. This rendition incorporates the first three of Francis’ eight verses and an adaptation of the last.

Francis’ Lyrics

1) Alone I left my house one night and took the road to Journeys End. And well I knew I would meet One who would be my true and trusty Friend: My true and trusty Friend.

2) And soon I met Him on the road when I had gone a little way; and oh my heart let so very glad that I could only laugh and say: Meher Baba, my true Friend.

3) He said to me, “Where are you going?” I said, “To search for and find you.” He said, “Nowhere may I be found but in your own heart trusty true.” Said Meher Baba, my true Friend.

4) He smiled: the clouds were swept away and all the stars too, disappeared, For His smile was the morning Sun which lit the world and all things cheered: Meher Baba, my true Friend.

5) It turned the dark night into day—a lovely day in early June; it turned my heart into a spring that bubbles forth in a wild tune: Meher Baba, my true Friend.

6) He said to me, “Now I must go, but mark My words< I’ll never leave you now that once we have so met and you must never, never grieve: for Meher Baba, your true Friend.

7) “But turn your gaze within your heart and keep it trusty, pure and true, and you will fine we’re not apart, but that I really live in you:” said Meher Baba, my true Friend.

8) How true this is I can affirm—He is my true and trusty Friend: and so all day I sing His Name and care not now for Journey’s End, but just for Meher Baba, my true Friend.

The Friend
The Cloth Cover of LET US THE PEOPLE SING, 1962

Arranged using Garage Band with tracks for:

  • Lead Vocal, 2 Backup Vocals, Piano and Congas prerecorded at Park Hill Recording Studio
  • 2 Backup Vocals
  • Chamber Choir
  • Flute
  • Fingerstyle Electric Bass
  • Assorted Percussion

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