“How Can I Dare?”

A Rendition of Jenny Keating’s Unique and Poignant Song for Her Beloved, Performed Live at the Avatar Meher Baba Circle Center in Myrtle Beach


One of Eruch’s favorites, “How Can I Dare” is an exceedingly sweet song written by Jenny (LePage) Keating in the early 70’s. Its unassuming sentiment and simple, plaintive melody make it a most unique song for Meher Baba. I first heard it during our first evening arti at the tomb when us yanks were assembled amongst our new Australian friends during the days leading up to Baba’s 3rd Amartithi. Both the singer and the song struck us youngsters deeply, complimenting the wondrous feeling stemming from the upper Meherabad atmosphere. I recall how Eruch specifically requested Jenny to sing it in Mandali Hall on a visit to Meherazad.


1) How Can I Dare Beloved One,
To touch Your face with eyes?
Better that I remain with eyes cast down,
And my forehead touching Your feet.
Better that I leave all thoughts of love,
And forever repeat Your name.

2) How Can I Dare Beloved One,
To hope You will enter my home?
Better that I spend these endless days,
Preparing my home for Your stay.
Better that I sing Your name as I work,
And leave all hopes with You.

3) How Can I Dare Beloved One,
To say I love You so?
When each step I take proves to You,
How empty of love is my heart
When each of my deeds and words and thoughts,
Seem far from Your Wish and Will.

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