“I Am Truth, I Am Love”

A Rendition of Chris Gray’s “The First Morning” from THE EAST WEST GATHERING by Francis Brabazon


Francis encouraged Baba’s followers to put his poetry to music, with the proviso that the combination of words and music wouldn’t overshadow the meaning of the poem. Chris Gray’s music for “I Am Truth, I Am Love” (aka “The First Morning”) is really a perfect example of how the right kind of tune can serve to effectively enhance the sentiment behind Francis’ writing. This is one of Chris’ earlier works, and there are many fond memories of hearing him sing it at Baba’s tomb in the early 70’s, accompanying himself rhythmically with confidence on his guitar.


1) I Am Truth I Am Love and to you I say,  I will keep your hearts ‘till their break-o’-day. Will you love Me true, will you love alway? For I’ve loved you since The First Morning.

2) Will you follow me aye, and not repine? Will you drink my cup for auld lang syne, be it vinegar or the sweetest wine? For I’ve cherished you since The First Morning.

3) That morning when I woke and started to sing and put the universe on my finger as a ring, and I sent you far as the birds of spring, on the first and most glorious morning.

4) Now you went with a shout and you went with a cheer.  But, My heart was torn because you were so dear. And I knew it would be a good million year, before there even dawned your own morning.

5) I wrapped you with love and I wrapped you with care for the long, long trail from here to There, where we’d meet again in your hearts so fair, as they opened  like flowers in that morning.

6) Now the day is here and the dawn has spread across the wide sky the rose that bled from your hearts. And there’s no more trail to tread—only singing in Me in this morning.

Arranged using Garage Band with tracks for:

  • Steinway Grand Piano
  • Wurlitzer Classic Piano
  • 2 Vocal Tracks
  • Male Chamber Choir
  • Flute
  • Acoustic Guitar
  • Vibraphone
  • Fingerstyle Electric Bass
  • Tambourine

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