“Sea Yarn” by Francis Brabazon

A Music Video featuring Francis Brabazon’s “Sea Yarn”


This music video for the “Sea Yarn” by Francis Brabazon features photos taken aboard the ships Baba sailed on in the early 1930’s.Featuring the male “Society” members, the Society for Avatar Meher Baba often sang this song as an opener during visits to Baba centers and in Meherabad and Meherazad. On those occasions, the instrumentation was guitar, played by Tony Paterniti who wrote the tune for this version of the song, and Larry Green (Greenberg) playing the harmonica between verses. When performing for Mohammed Mast in lower Meherabad, we seemed to be getting a rise out of him, thinking he enjoyed the singing, but what intrigued him was the harmonica! There’s a photo of him blowing into that harmonica when, due to his interest, it was handed to him to try.

Meher Baba’s Ship Travels

Mohammed the Mast blowing into Larry Green’s Harmonica, Circa 1973 on the Occasion of a Performance of Francis Brabazon’s Sea Yarn

Francis’ Lyrics 

1) We have spent time collecting bones of what man used to be. We have used time in sorting stones to further geology. In the same time or less we could have collected all our tears. And rolled them into a mighty flood and drowned all our fears.

2) We have spent time discussing purpose as to what man should be. And dreamed and schemed what would serve us towards greater prosperity. In the same time or less we might have won to Love’s High Seat. And attained our soul’s true delight as dust at Meher’s feet.

3) Meher Baba the Christ God-Man who’s come down from on High. And thrown for us a rainbow span from little i to I. It takes just as much time to weep as it takes one to sing. And praise Him-of the-Fathomless-Deep who our real welfare brings.

The Friend
The Cloth Cover of LET US THE PEOPLE SING, 1962

Arranged using Garage Band with tracks for:

  • 4 Vocal Tracks
  • 2 Erhu Tracks
  • Upright Jazz Bass
  • Pop Flute
  • String Ensemble
  • Steinway Grand Piano


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