“The Blacksmith Song”

A Rendition of Francis Brabazon’s Blacksmith Song Featuring Cliff Hackford on drums, along with Screenshots and Video Footage from Baba Videos Supplied by Sufism Reoriented


I was introduced to “The Blacksmith Song” in the early ’70s by Chris Gray. It quickly became one of my favorites. Francis Brabazon wrote both the tune and the lyrics. This upbeat arrangement has been very well received!


1) Take this heart. Take this heart, oh Blacksmith take this heart. Make it a cup for Wine. Shape the cup. Shape the cup, oh Blacksmith shape the cup, in Love’s own fair design.

2) Take this breath, Take this breath, oh Blacksmith take this breath as bellows for the fire. See the sparks. See the Sparks, oh Blacksmith see the sparks leap higher ever higher.

3) Take these tears. Take these tears, oh Blacksmith take these tears to temper the job done. See the cup. See the cup, oh Blacksmith see the cup shine like the rising sun.

4) Fill the cup. Fill the cup, oh Blacksmith fill the cup with the Wine of your sweat. See I drink. See I drink, oh Blacksmith see I drink and drown my last regret.

5) Give to each. Give to each, oh Blacksmith give to each a drop of this rare Wine. Then all men. Then all men, oh Blacksmith then all men will become Divine.

Arranged using Garage Band with tracks for:

  • Lead Vocal, Piano, and Drums recorded at Park Hill Recording Studio
  • 3 Background Vocals
  • Flute
  • Fingerstyle Electric Bass

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