Music Video of Jaime Newell’s “Mehera” Containing Photos of Mehera Irani, and Footage of Meher Baba from the 1965 Darshan Program


Jaimie’s intonation and phrasing are inimitable, and hence this rendition is VERY different from the way it’s performed by the composer. However, the song itself is so pleasingly poignant, I really wanted to record my interpretation, which I can only hope will be enjoyed in its own right.

Jaimie fondly relates the powerful memory of actually singing his song to Mehera in Meherazad. During his presentation, he recalls the impact of her response, manifesting in her tears of Love for her Beloved.

Hear Jamie Newell’s own rendition of this beautiful song.


  1. Mehera in what manner do you love Him, that your hold on to Him is so strong. We who have just come to know Him, it is for this Love that we long. For of all of His lovers in creation, it seems that He’s closest to you. So Mehera won’t you tell us how you love Him, so that we might love Him that way too.
  2. He came as if an angel sent from heaven, but we found it rather odd, To learn that this angel sent from heaven Himself had turned out to be God. And this simple heart breaks when one thinks of mistakes made in a moment so weak. And so faced with this task we now come to ask help towards this Goal that we seek.
  3. Mehera in what manner do you love Him, and what makes your love so pure, that there is no hardship or suffering for Him that you would not endure. We who have never been with Him still long for a Love so true. So Mehera won’t you tell us how you love Him, so that we might love Him that way too.
  4. There’s a mist on the field in the morning, but the sun comes to burn it all off. Just as the mist of our clouded imaginations is removed by the warmth of His Love. And we see all around His Love shining down direct from the heavens above. And we grow close but yet, as close as we get, we never can get close enough.
  5. So tell us Mehera in what manner do you love Him, for it really is not hard to tell. For we see it when you look at His picture, your eyes seem to show us so well. And though it might be rude of us asking. But really what else could we do? For Mehera if we knew how you love Him, then we might love Him that way too.

Arranged using Garage Band with tracks for:

  • Classic Electric Piano
  • Steinway Grand Piano
  • Vocal Track
  • Male Chamber Choir
  • Flute
  • Marimba
  • Liverpool Bass
  • Bass Drum
  • Tambourine

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